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We can take you as far as you want to go – eliminating some carbon exposure to carbon neutral or beyond

In today’s low carbon economy, you are no doubt increasingly concerned with your business’ greenhouse gas emissions and efforts to reduce them.

Carbon Reduction Strategy & Implementation

As a business operating in carbon compliance markets, you are required to adhere to increasingly complex regulations concerning your greenhouse gas emissions. You are likely focusing more and more on adopting emissions reduction targets and plans to comply while remaining competitive at the same time. This can be a challenging and costly process.

At the Climate Solutions Group, we help you identify your carbon compliance risk exposure and provide innovative solutions that achieve emissions reductions that are measurable, achievable and cost effective. We help you navigate regulations, seize opportunities and take positive action with the least disruption to your business and bottom line.

Our unique strategies ensure that your carbon compliance efforts are effectively managed in keeping with your corporate culture, produce the intended results, and minimize compliance risks and costs. We can take you as far as you want to go – eliminating some exposure to carbon neutral or beyond.

A successful carbon mitigation plan that effectively manages your environmental compliance obligations should accomplish several objectives – maximize your carbon emissions reductions, minimize your compliance costs and provide desired social, economic and environmental benefits. Our unique programs are custom designed to achieve any or all of these.

Our carbon compliance programs incorporate six distinct and progressive steps, designed around your specific needs:

  1. Understand your company’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) priorities
  2. Measure your carbon footprint and compliance exposure
  3. Set carbon reduction targets, risks, costs and options
  4. Make internal carbon reductions
  5. Invest in carbon reduction projects
  6. Offset remaining exposure through emissions trading

Carbon Compliance & Voluntary Offsetting Programs

Once you have determined your compliance obligations and implemented mitigation measures, you are likely to still have some exposure and related costs. Through a carefully designed carbon offset purchase program designed by CSG, you can reduce the balance of your carbon exposure in the most cost efficient manner possible. This can be an effective way of eliminating any residual carbon footprint where other means have been exhausted.

Offsetting is not only an efficient way to achieve emissions reductions – it can also save you money. CSG’s programs can be designed for specific business initiatives and one-time or long-term corporate compliance needs. Through an understanding of your businesses, CSG will develop a Carbon Business Plan, outlining transaction design, support and management to deliver the most cost effective results and meet your emissions reduction targets.

  • Client specified project offsets
  • CSG’s own custom low-risk portfolio offsets
  • Spot, term and structured transactions
  • High quality wholesale offsets carefully reviewed and vetted
  • Publicly registered and third-party validated and verified

For large emitters, our Low Carbon Finance Platform offers a high volume, long-term, de-risked and cost effective offsetting solution – the first of it’s kind in today’s North American cap-and-trade markets.

Carbon Risk Management

The changing low carbon economy introduces real present and potential risks and challenges to your business. Understanding them is critical to remain strong, resilient and competitive.

CSG can help you assess, understand, and manage these risks and recognize opportunities. We can assist you in developing and implementing strategies to address any policy, regulatory, or market issues to ensure that you stay ahead of emerging risks and trends.

We offer tools, advice, and products that allow you to efficiently and cost-effectively build internal capacity for managing carbon risk and ensuring you are both financially and environmentally secure.

Regulatory & Compliance Advisory

If your organization or business is required to comply with lowering carbon emissions reduction standards, there may be some areas, regulations, or requirements you aren’t sure how to navigate. The Climate Solutions Group is here to help you.

We are well versed in all aspects of operating in the North American carbon compliance markets – regulations, programs and policies – and how they impact both big and small businesses.
CSG can help review your emissions profile, and help develop your abatement cost curve to optimize your specific carbon-reduction plan.

We can also advise on internally-generated emissions reduction opportunities, access markets in the most efficient way possible for you, and help you make smart business decisions that maintain your financial and environmental security.

Similarly, for entities that do not have a compliance obligation but choose to reduce their emissions profile for CSR or Risk Management purposes, CSG can work with you too. We can offer advice and assist you to efficiently lower your carbon footprint and participate in voluntary carbon markets.

The Low Carbon Finance Platform for Emitters

For large emitters, (over 100,000 T CO2e / yr) our Low Carbon Finance Platform (LCFP) offers a high volume, long-term, de-risked and cost effective offsetting solution. It is the first of it’s kind in today’s North American cap-and-trade markets.

CSG aggregates a large pool of diversified, de-risked carbon offsets from WCI carbon markets, making them available to you and other large emitters to assist in achieving compliance obligations over time.

Benefits of participating in the LCFP are:

  • Greenhouse gas reductions achieved at a lower cost than alternatives such as purchasing allowances at auction or in the secondary market.
  • Reduced due diligence and other transaction costs
  • Stable, predictable delivery of offsets over the long-term to match buyer requirements
  • Transaction volumes are larger than available through spot or project specific purchases due to demand and supply aggregation
  • Additional volumes may be available due to over delivery or market access by CSG
  • Delivery flexibility in time, volume, protocol type and geography, if desired
  • Reduced delivery risk through established reserve margins and other risk management initiatives, as well as from diversification (geographic, protocol type, jurisdiction, etc.)
  • Invalidation protection for California offsets
  • Immediate participation in WCI and Alberta offset markets, as well as Ontario (prior to linking with California and Quebec)
  • CSR benefits may be structured for emitters wish to go beyond compliance purchases or use a customized portfolio if available
  • Information sharing and collaboration potential with other LCFP participants
  • Continuous window on the carbon markets through visibility of offset purchase transactions
  • Access to CSG’s advisory services including as brokering of spot allowances and offset transactions

The Low Carbon Finance Platform is a unique product only offered by The Climate Solutions Group. The LCFP provides clients with the highest quality cost effective means of reducing emissions in today’s expanding cap-and- trade markets. Let us show you how it can work for you.