Climate Solutions Group


We can take you as far as you want to go – eliminating some carbon exposure to carbon neutral or beyond

In the form of a unique investment and financing vehicle that delivers superior risk adjusted returns for investors, capital funding to assist developers, and a reliable source of carbon credits for emitters.

There are many ways to invest in today’s low carbon economy – from green bonds to investments in publicly traded clean tech and renewable power companies, to direct investments in low carbon projects. Each have specific benefits and choosing the right one depends on your objectives, risk profile and desired investment timeframe (short or long term).

The Climate Solutions Group offers two ways to invest in the low carbon sector:

The Low Carbon Finance Platform

The Low Carbon Finance Platform is designed for large institutional investors and organizations that want a simple, low risk investment aiming for highest in class yields.

The LCFP is a large capital platform intended to be comprised of several pools that purchase carbon offsets from emission reduction projects tradable in the North American carbon market. We de-risk, aggregate and sell carbon offsets to emitters to help them meet compliance requirements through long-term contracts.

Offsets are carefully sourced and vetted, and come from a variety of projects such as forest management, livestock and anaerobic digestion, organic waste management, capture of mine methane and renewable energy.

This unique and focused investment vehicle utilizes a disciplined and proven investment process based on the expertise and experience of the CSG team in carbon asset management, and can produce an IRR of over 15% over a 10-year term. It is suitable for large investors that can commit over $10 MM of capital.*

For more information, please contact any of our Principals.

Investment in Offset Projects

If your preferred approach is to invest directly in an offset project (or several), CSG can work with you to clearly define your goals, design a scope and source, analyze, select and manage an investment through successful closing and beyond.

For more information, please contact any of our Principals.

* For information purposes only. This is not an offer or an invitation to sell or purchase any investment in any jurisdiction.