Climate Solutions Group


We can take you as far as you want to go – eliminating some carbon exposure to carbon neutral or beyond

CSG provides strategic advice and financing to clients who want to develop greenhouse gas reduction projects that generate high quality carbon offsets in both compliance and voluntary North American markets.

Carbon Offset Origination, Development, & Management

Our team has extensive experience in the analysis, implementation, management and financing of carbon reduction projects gained over years of involvement with many projects and developers.

CSG will work alongside your team and take an active role — from the initial planning through to the project’s end — based on your needs. We will ensure project eligibility, manage technical and design issues, and maximize carbon reductions and their commercial value. We remain involved to make sure your project succeeds through development and over the long-term.

Our team can provide support to your offset project, including:

  • Advice on carbon markets, emissions trading schemes and protocols
  • Project Eligibility and Feasibility Analysis
  • Design, Legal and Regulatory Documentation
  • Project Validation and Approval
  • Project Monitoring, Reporting and Verification
  • Offset Registration Management and Trading

Our qualified and experienced team has one purpose – to make sure your project is a success that meets and even exceeds your expectations.

Carbon Offset Project Financing

While we can help get your offset project off the ground and up and running, our unique Low Carbon Finance Platform (LCFP) can also provide you with up-front project funding to assist you with your building program – when you need it most.

Working as a complement to developer’s (or investor’s) equity and third party debt / equity financing, CSG provides valuable incremental capital through a bespoke and bankable contract involving the pre-payment for some offsets from the anticipated stream, and often long-term agreements for future offsets. This ensures you of a reliable and predictable cash flow stream throughout the life of the project.

The benefits of financing with the LCFP can be a key factor that ensures your project can succeed:

  • Thorough evaluation to determine project validity and verification, proper offset compliance, and quality
  • Up-front pre-payment for a portion of the offset stream
  • Pre-determined, contracted forward sales backed by creditworthy counter parties
  • On-going assistance to guarantee reliable offset delivery and payment.

Working with CSG to monetize offsets will allow you to concentrate on what you do best – developing and managing your carbon reduction project. Let us take care of the rest.