Climate Solutions Group

Who we are.

Good listeners. Great problem solvers.

The Climate Solutions Group (CSG) is a team of recognized climate change and emissions management professionals with over two decades of experience in assisting large and small corporations and public sector clients to create and implement offset programs and low carbon projects.

Our in-house expertise encompasses low-carbon project development, as well as legal and regulatory compliance and carbon asset management experience in well over $1.5 B worth of carbon market projects. CSG offers a variety of trading and asset management services and products to meet the needs of all types of clients, partners and investors, and can act as principal in select transactions and projects.

Based in Toronto, Ontario and Calgary, Alberta, our operational scope spans provincial and national boundaries with a focus on working with clients in all North American carbon markets. We are advocates of promoting the best practices in the low carbon and sustainable business markets where we operate, and have established ourselves with professional organizations such as IETA – the International Emissions Trading Association and CPLC – the Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition, whose values directly align with ours.

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There are 151 regulated facilities in Ontario, 80 in Quebec, and 550 in California

Carbon markets are already in place for 40% of the world’s GDP

The low carbon and renewable energy market is growing at 3% per year

Canada’s per capita emissions are equal to 25 tonnes of CO2 per year

greater than the U.S., Russia and the E.U., Japan and China

38,655 global organizations, businesses and facilities participate in emissions trading programs

5% of the world’s population emit 25% of the world’s CO2

that’s equivalent to 8 billion tons of CO2

What we do.

Understand your challenges. Find your opportunities.

CSG provides client-specific services to those businesses in compliance and voluntary carbon markets. We offer a variety of carbon trading and carbon asset management services and products offset project developers and emitters. CSG provides unique opportunities for investors to participate in the low carbon economy — earning high yields with limited risks — through developing and managing investment funds that offer finance to low carbon projects.

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How we do it.

Measure. Analyse. Solve. Act.

Our unique strategies encompass the full sphere of carbon mitigation policy, management, and finance.

Our leadership team.

Expertise and dedication.

The Climate Solutions Group is a team of seasoned professionals with long careers encompassing renewable energy development, climate change law and regulatory policy, and carbon asset procurement, creation and management. Our visionary thinking, wide industry experience and proven expertise provides you with the tools and support to succeed in today’s low carbon economy.

  • Paul Vickers

    Principal, Portfolio

    P Eng (McGill)

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  • Robert (Bob) Daniels

    Robert (Bob) Daniels

    Principal, Business

    B.SC.E. (Wharton)

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  • Gray E. Taylor

    Gray E. Taylor

    Principal, Legal and

    JD, (UofT), M.Ed, Acc Dir.

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  • Peter Daniels

    Peter Daniels

    Principal and

    (UofT, Cornell)

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Our Mission.

Enabling Change.

The Climate Solutions Group guides businesses ably and efficiently through the complexities of the new low carbon economy. We view the changes that are taking place in our world not as a burden or an obstacle to business, but as a necessary path that will, when navigated with proper care and forward thinking, ensure that your business continues to thrive, and indeed prosper. We can help you navigate regulations, seize development opportunities and effectively reduce your carbon footprint, contributing to your business’ bottom line with little disruption to your day-to-day operations.

Going forward.

Let’s keep learning.

Climate change is a paramount challenge with far reaching fundamental consequences for our economy, environment, health and safety. For business it is therefore imperative that we collectively take action now.

While the task of carbon mitigation may seem daunting it is not by any means insurmountable. We already have the strategies and solutions to help you dramatically reduce your emissions, or develop projects, that are both technologically and economically feasible.

Let’s us work with you on a plan of action. Contact any of our team members directly and together we’ll start navigating the inevitable shift to a low carbon future.

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